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    It’s been less than three months since Apple unveiled its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but rumours suggest the firm is gearing up for its next release already.
  Reports say Apple may hold two iPhone launch events next year, to release its iPhone 6S in spring, and its iPhone 7 in September.
  The iPhone 6S may even go on sale at the same time as Apple’s upcoming Watch.
        The claims were made by ‘sources in the supply chain’ to Jerry Miller from Stabley Times.
  Until 2013, Apple released one handset each year around September time.    
        This included a new model one year, followed by a slightly modified 'S-version' the year after.
  Last year, however, it used its September launch event to announce two new devices - its flagship iPhone 5S and the ‘cheaper’ iPhone 5C.
  This was followed by the launch of its iPhone 6 and larger iPhone 6 Plus this year.
  The new schedule is expected to stagger the releases of two devices in 2015 to capitalise on sales.
  Apple could release the iPhone 6S to people who want to upgrade to a slightly cheaper model, before announcing its flagship iPhone 7 in the autumn.
  The 6S may also be packaged together with the Apple Watch.
  ‘Our source says that Apple is hesitant about launching the iWatch in the spring of 2015 without a new iPhone to go along with it,’ explained Mr Miller. [This] could give hesitant consumers an excuse to wait on buying both until the fall.’
  The news comes as manufacturers revealed Apple has plans to kill off its iPhone 5C as early as next summer.
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