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Experience Smart Design

Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 has evolved in its design, both inside and out. Thin. Lightweight. Vivid HD screen. And a sleek magazine–style presentation to keep favorite news at your fingertips.


Enjoy a Premium Look and Feel

The 5.7–inch, full HD Super AMOLED™ display offers a superior visual experience in a slim and light design. Its textured–touch back offers a whole new look and feel, while its long–lasting 3200 mAh battery keeps you powered up through your day.

Suit Your Content Style

Information that matters is just a glance away. A magazine–inspired layout lets you see content that is important to you, whether it's getting updates on your favorite sports teams and entertainment news or checking live Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Add a Smart Companion

Samsung Galaxy Gear™ (sold separately) is tech that you wear like a watch. It communicates with your Galaxy Note 3, providing a stylish and powerful way for you to see important notifications, as well as take phone calls, shoot photos and video and even count your steps.

Innovate with S Pen

A simple click of the S Pen™ button while hovering over the screen introduces you to Air Command, a palette of useful features that make performing tasks fast and easy.


S Finder Finds What You are Looking For

One search looks for keywords across multiple items on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, such as emails, text messages and files.


Build a Scrapbook

Keep track of what catches your eye. Spot a vase online that's perfect for your kitchen table? Clip the image with S Pen and pin it to a virtual bulletin board. Or capture screenshots, add your annotations and save or share them with others using Screen Write.

Take Action with Action Memo™

Take handwritten notes with the S Pen, then compose emails or write text messages by turning your handwriting into text. You can quickly jot down a number and then automatically add it to your contacts later with Action Memo.

Use Multiple Windows at Once

Overlay and resize a floating app over another app, so you can watch a YouTube™ video without leaving the webpage you are reading.

Boost Your Productivity

Even with its advanced features, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is still simple to use. Use it to capture life's moments on film, operate a compatible TV and surf the Web at Verizon 4G LTE speed.


Take Photos Like a Pro

Push your creativity to new levels with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's 13–megapixel camera. Remove photo distractions with a touch using Eraser or capture every frame of the perfect back flip with Drama Shot.

Turn Your Phone into a Universal Remote

Use your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as a universal remote control with WatchON™. Plus, find out what's good on TV with WatchON's reinvented TV guide. It will even learn your favorite shows and remind you when they're on.

Get the Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon

Verizon 4G LTE is America's largest 4G LTE network and provides significantly increased speeds–up to 10 times faster than 3G–so you're more productive and responsive. Download movies in minutes, photos in seconds, plus games, news and email attachments.

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